Herbs like ashwagandha are popular among many cultures and online communities, but these types of drugs are part of a greater classification that many people do not fully understand. The specific type of herb that we are talking about are called “adaptogens” and they are considered some of the most effective ways of struggling with modern day stress and anxiety that you can possibly find. Even though most people don’t like to put the time into researching different drug types, if you have any interest in nootropics this is going to help you.

There are many different herbs like ashwagandha that are in the adaptogen classification, but it is important to see which ones are useful and which ones are not.

Which Herbs Like Ashwagandha are Helpful?

The term “adaptogen” can give you an idea of what these herbs are generally useful for. In most cases, they help the human body to better adapt to stress that is either internal or external. If you think about it, your body undergoes a lot of stress every day. It has to try to handle the day to day grind that is going on and then deal with all the feelings of inadequacy that¬†come up when we relate to other people, our partners, and our families.

The stress that comes from modern life is just as real as the stress for foraging for food. For some reason, we now believe that stress must be a major part of our life even though it does not have to be. We are going to show you how herbs like ashwagandha help you to better adapt to the challenges that you are facing on a daily basis.

  • Rhodiola Rosea – this is a natural vitality herb that is found in parts of Scandinavia and Russia. It was used by Vikings before they raided cultures many hundreds of years ago. The drug helped prevent the stress of cold, frigid conditions so they could be at their best.
  • Ginseng – from China, ginseng is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs that is of adaptogen origin. Similar to the others, it can help to improve mental performance and withstand substantial stress.
  • Holy Basil – Another Indian Ayurvedic option, this adaptogen helps to prevent fatigue and stress, which help it boost the immune system and regular blood sugar.
  • Cordycep Mushrooms – popularized in Onnit products lately, the cordycep mushrooms have natural benefits of antioxidant foods that can help to prevent a lot of long term ill-health issues.

Getting started with an adaptogenic herb like ashwagandha can be incredibly powerful. It can be the basis for a strong stack that helps you to remove the stress from your life, relax, and remove some of the anxiety that comes with your daily routine.

You’ll quickly find that the majority of people who take adaptogenic herbs are able to improve their cognitive performance through the use of these adaptogens. Most people see benefits of ashwagandha, but it is worthwhile to test it for yourself to see if it can help.