When taking any nootropic, it makes sense to try and find out what the best form for consumption might be. When it comes to ashwagandha, it is clear the best option is ashwagandha root extract. Knowing this information comes with many advantages including saving money, making sure to have the right dosage, and whether or not you actually see any benefits from using the nootropic compound!

Because ashwagandha is so well researched, there are plenty of people who are selling products that will not actually help you all that much (such as low dose powders or tablets). While it is not incredibly common, the problem still exists. We are going to first explain how useful the ashwagandha root extract can be for your mental health and then we will follow up with the reasons why you should use the root extract and at what dosage.

What is Ashwagandha Root Extract Useful For?

When you are taking ashwagandha, you are going to find that it is most potent for reducing feelings of stress and improving mood. People who take ashwagandha increasingly reduce their levels of stress, which allows them to perform better cognitively and just feel better in general. Someone who feels better and does not have a lot of stress is not only going to perform better, but also last longer and do a better job as well.

For all of these reasons, ashwagandha is primarily known as an adaptogen. This type of herb helps to reduce stress by creating an adaptation response in the human brain and body. By providing this type of advantage, many people in the workplace are able to feel less stress and struggle with the daily weight of work, financial responsibilities, and others.

Aside from reducing stress and improving mood, it is useful as an anti-fatigue agent that can help you to remove physical stress that comes with working out too much or overtraining. You’ll find that it is a great tool for your brain and your body.

Starting with Ashwagandha

If you are interested in starting to use ashwagandha root extract, it is important to make sure that you have a few things in mind. First, make sure the root extract is what you buy. Getting something that is not the extract will most likely create either too big of a dose for you to take or few effects that are noticeable.

The second thing to keep in mind is your dosage. Ashwagandha is not expensive, but the most cost effective dose (while still seeing some benefits) is around 3 – 500 mg per day. If you just want to use as much as needed to reduce your anxiety, you can go up to 6000 mg per day (in doses of 2000 mg).

You’ll find that with this dosage, you can easily recover from the stressors that happen during your daily life. You’ll also realize that ashwagandha is a great way of helping you to prepare for the next day of work, school, or whatever responsibilities that you are struggling with!