Aniracetam Studies

Aniracetam Studies

Aniracetam was first developed in the 1970s. It has similar properties to other racetams, but the studies show aniracetam to be quite different. Numerous studies on animals and humans have helped enrich our knowledge of this neuro enhancer.

Disclaimer: Aniracetam is considered a research chemical. Although we sell this product, it is not intended for human consumption, but rather research purposes only. The information below is not intended to suggest that you use this compound except for research. None of the information contained in this article is meant to suggest that Aniracetam can treat, cure, or diagnose any disease despite any mentions of diseases herein.

Quick Aniracetam Findings:

  • May improve memory formation (reference)
  • Rapid absorption / low bioavailability (ref)
  • Potent racetam (ref)
  • May improve mood (ref)
  • Most useful for age related neuronal loss (ref)

aniracetam studies

Looking at studies for any nootropic is a great starting point to get an understanding of the enhancer and how it interacts with most people. Learning from aniracetam studies can teach you about how it is used, how effective it can be for the ordinary person, and what type of side effects you might see upon usage of the smart enhancer.

Basic Aniracetam Studies

The first aniracetam studies were done in order to detect the efficacy of the enhancer for improving memory and learning ability in elderly patients suffering from neurological decline and degenerative issues. Analyzing these studies during these early years shows that the most profound effect of aniracetam is to help reverse neurological decline and improve their functionality in order to improve memory.

Aniracetam does this by improving blood flow and oxygen to the brain and at the same time also increasing the uptake and utilization of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory formation. The aniracetam studies with choline show that this acetylcholine precursor was even more effective than either of the ingredients on their own.

Of course, with all the good news, there were scientists who wanted to test the side effects and drawbacks of using the enhancer. Aniracetam dangers and toxicity were tested, but the findings continued to be positive. With the right aniracetam dosage recommendations, there was a good chance people would avoid any toxicity problems because aniracetam was so well tolerated by the human brain.

Aniracetam Effects and Factors

Aniracetam has many basic effects that are unique to the enhancer. For example, aniracetam half life information shows that the smart enhancer does not last long in your system before being changed out. Because of the short half life, some people take the enhancer more often throughout the day in smaller doses so that there is a steady effect from the enhancer.

This has the effect of increasing stimulation with focus and attention being the primary markers. This is one of the reasons why people are using aniracetam before piracetam; it is the perfect combination of memory enhancement and increased focus. Additionally, some people find aniracetam mood improvement, but this will vary depending on your personal biochemistry.