A major concern for a lot of people that use nootropic is how exactly to come up with the best doses. While a lot of people try to take as much as they can get in order to improve cognitive advantages quicker, this is a bad idea that can be very detrimental to your health. Any aniracetam dangers associated with toxicity can be attributed to user error rather than the compound itself. With the aniracetam studies we already have, it is easy to see the best dosage for this nootropic. The following article will help you understand the real danger of toxicity and how you can take the right dosages to start with.

Aniracetam Dangers of Overdosing

What are the dangers of overdosing on aniracetam? It is a common question and one that requires a well-planned answer. Luckily, scientific experiments have already given us a lot of answers. The dangers of overdosing with aniracetam are few as evidenced by the rat studies (disclaimer: rat studies do not always translate to the same effects in humans). The fact that animal studies have showed a LD50 (the dosage required to kill 50% of the population) of nearly 400 times the recommended dose helps humans to feel safer with their usage.

aniracetam dangers

Nonetheless, each individual is different and trying to gauge the aniracetam dangers according to animals is a poor idea. It is much better for you to be able to look at starting with a small dose for yourself and then change accordingly.

A good beginner dose for someone starting off with aniracetam would be in the range of around 800 mg two times per day. This is a recommended dose according to many people who already use and appreciate the nootropic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see results from using 400 mg twice per day or less. It all depends on how much you really want to start with.

Dangers of Aniracetam Potency

There is a lot of individuality that is involved when trying to determine the dangers of aniracetam. Many people have no problems, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has the same reaction. The aniracetam analogue is far more potent than others (such as piracetam) so there are differences with this as well. Even though some people see great results from the potent cognitive enhancer, that doesn’t mean it is something that should be abused.

Due to the potency, some people mix a smaller amount of the nootropic in order to improve their memory. One of the ways that people do this is through nootropic stacks. These stacks are full of different compounds that can help to improve general cognitive abilities. Many people compare aniracetam vs. piracetam without realizing they can actually put the two of them together with choline for an ultimate boost.

If you are worried about the potency of this cognitive enhancer, buy aniracetam capsules that are smaller and just take a single one per day. That way you can have the nootropic and see the efficacy at a smaller dose and go up when needed. This is a far better method than starting high, potentially having health problems, and coming to a lower dosage or quitting altogether.

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  1. Jim Stern says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome article with a tremendous amount of useful information. Obviously written by someone who knows what they’re talking about!! I was very concerned about this common question of the dangers of overdosing aniracetam, which, as the author points out, requires a well-planned answer. Imagine my relief upon reading the ensuing well-planned answer of “The dangers of overdosing with aniracetam are few as evidenced by the rat studies.” Excellent! I can’t thank you enough for all that planning.

    I have to say I really enjoyed seeing things such as “the aniracetam analogue is far more potent than others,” by which I’m sure the author meant that aniracetam is the second-weakest in the racetam family, stronger only than piracetam!

    It was interesting to see aniracetam referred to as a “stimulant,” especially since, in the world of drugs, where words tend to have very specific meanings (unlike, for example, in the world of internet blog content writers), I had always thought that aniracetam was most definitely not a stimulant, but rather more of an anxiolytic. Silly me! Well, I’m sure happy that ani can now join her fellow racetam brothers oxi and phenylpira, since they actually *are* stimulants and have been all along!

    Overall, I was just glad to finally see an article dedicated to explaining the dangers of aniracetam while simultaneously clarifying that such dangers basically don’t exist. It may have also been nice if the author had mentioned that literally not a single case of aniracetam overdose has ever been recorded by medical professionals in the history of the world….but…maybe next time!

    Well then, I’m off to buy some aniracetam capsules from this here incredibly-informative and stunningly-professional vendor, in hopes that maybe I may one day be as intelligent as the content writers for this site. I do hope I don’t overdose on aniracetam trying to achieve this little dream of mine! :S


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