A new concept that is starting to hit the nootropic community is that of choline dominance. This is particularly interesting and important for people who are taking drugs like racetams that require (or recommend) taking a choline supplement alongside. The issue of choline dominance has been started by Dave Asprey who is the famous biohacker that runs Bulletproof Exec. Since his usage of the term choline dominant, it has become a very popular trend in the nootropic community. The following article will help you identify what it means exactly and how you can use it to your advantage.

Aniracetam and Choline as a Precursor

A lot of people are taking choline because the racetams diminish the hippocampal levels in the brain. This is a great way of improving cognition and preventing aniracetam side effects, but it could be for some people and not for others. Asprey mentions that he is a choline dominant person, which is true of approximately 33% of other people. This means that choline is in an unusually abundant level, which requires no supplementation of choline. The people who are choline dominant will not have headaches from the reduced acetylcholine levels and they can get along without the added supplements.

In many cases, the aniracetam or other racetams can actually be beneficial to them. They can more readily get rid of their choline so they do not have excess of this neurotransmitter. As with anything else, having too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. With choline, it is definitely the case. For Dave Asprey, he enjoys using aniracetam in order to get rid of his excess choline. Whether he uses it all the time for this purpose is unknown.

Aniracetam and Choline for the Other 66%

For those who are taking choline supplements to ensure enough choline, you are probably part of the 66% or so of people who are not choline dominant. At least according to Dave Asprey, these other 66% of people need to have choline through either a high dietary intake of eggs and organ meats (which is rarely enough with modern diets) or they need to take full supplements such as alpha GPC or CDP choline.

With these two different types of nootropic drugs, it will be possible for people to get enough of the choline that they need to have a healthy and happy brain. Make sure that you are getting enough and it will be a much better for your health in the long run.

Aniracetam and Choline

The most important part of any kind of smart drug usage is constantly testing for the best results. If there is no quantitative data for you to gauge the progress, it is very difficult to see any real results. When it comes to aniracetam and choline, it is not hard to see that there can be results according to studies; your job is to test whether it works for you in the same way as it works for others. Just find aniracetam online that has been third party tested and get the best quality choline possible for the best results.

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