If you are like many people in the nootropics world, your first introduction to brain health supplements came from Tim Ferriss. Early in his career he mentioned certain brain enhancing smart drugs and more recently he explained how he used things like modafinil in order to improve cognitive abilities. The important thing is not so much that he used the drugs (which is important because it shows how effective it can be!), but also the questions that he brings up as a result of using them.

One of the major questions he brings up is whether or not there is such a thing as a biological “free lunch”. He offers the suggestion that everything has an equal and opposite reaction and understanding that can create some chaos for bigtime nootropics users.

Tim Ferriss Adrafinil Talk on London Real

While Tim Ferriss didn’t go on London Real to discuss nootropics specifically, he did discuss them. Specifically, he talked about modafinil and how it could be a potent way of improving concentration, focus, and general cognitive abilities. While he gets into the details of how he used it, he also discusses some of the finer points, such as whether it warrants long-term use at all.

This Tim Ferriss adrafinil discussion (or more accurately, modafinil) shows us that he is not only thinking about getting ahead, but also what might happen as a result. This is a good role model for nootropics users to use so that they have a better idea of what they are up against and how it can help them.

By better understanding all of these things, it is going to make your life a lot easier and (in general) a lot better than you might expect.

Expanded – Risks of Adrafinil

Of course, there are plenty of reviews that discuss adrafinil and modafinil as being the latest and greatest drug that improves cognitive abilities, helps with concentration and creates super brains. What are some of the drawbacks? As Tim Ferriss points out, there is no effect on the brain without an opposite reaction. If you are using a lot of dopamine through the use of the modafinil, then you might have a depletion later on.

There are parts of our brain chemistry that get depleted during the high intensity workload that comes through products like modafinil. The next day you might feel like you have less than 100% power as a result. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that there is a reason they have suggested taking the drug no more than 3 times per week!

Getting started with adrafinil is not a difficult task. You simply need to buy from a reliable source online and take 600 – 1200 mg only 3 times per week. Start at the lower end of that dose range and see how your body reacts. You might find that it does not care for the drug at all in which case it is best to discontinue use! Otherwise, try slightly more and see where your limit is.