Before you start any new smart enhancer or nootropic, it is a good idea to ask whether it can actually benefit you in the way that you think it might! For all you know, the stories you heard from your friend were a different nootropic that they mistakenly told you about. The case for adrafinil is very strong as a nootropic, but it is primarily useful for the benefits it offers as an anti-fatigue agent. The adrafinil anti-fatigue benefits are profound and (in many cases) are some of the main reasons that you would get the enhancer in the first place.

This article is going to better help you to understand how to piece everything together so adrafinil is a powerful ally that you do not feel uncomfortable about using to improve your cognitive performance.

How Adrafinil Anti-Fatigue Benefits Work

The first step in seeing adrafinil anti-fatigue benefits is conversion. It is not something that you can actively do, but the chemists who developed the enhancer were aware that adrafinil would be converted into modafinil. This enhancer was a synthetic option for people who have narcolepsy and had a hard time getting through the day while they were sleep deprived. Today, it is still used as a enhancer for that purpose.

The reason so many people are finding adrafinil to be useful is because of the objective of theenhancer in the first place! People who are unable to sleep often need help during the day so they feel awake, alert, and not fatigued. Sleep deprivation can cause all sorts of problems so it is no wonder adrafinil can help not only the people who are sleep deprived, but also those who have had plenty of rest.

After it is converted into modafinil in your system, this enhancer goes to work stimulating the neurotransmitter chemistry so that your body and mind are more functional.

One Study to Rule Them All

One of the major studies of adrafinil and modafinil showed great promise for the enhancer and still has many nootropics users in awe. The study was for a week and included 41 different subjects of both genders and varying age. It was double blind and included comparisons between modafinil, amphetamines and a placebo.

People who were undergoing the trial were military personnel engaging in 64 straight hours of work (3 days), which naturally leads to mood decline, fatigue, and lower cognition. The study showed that using modafinil was better than certain doses of amphetamines and definitely far better than having nothing at all.

The adrafinil benefits are solidified through this study because anyone working for 64 hours straight is going to start to wear down considerably! To see that this enhancer could help them to prevent some of the decline is a good lesson that it is an effective tool that can be used in order to benefit cognitive performance and tasks.

Just make sure you are taking adrafinil responsibly, which means ordering it from a retailer that has reputable products made in the United States as opposed to elsewhere in the world.