Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic that is a proenhancer for modafinil. By taking adrafinil, your body will be able to convert the substance into modafinil and improve cognitive abilities. The existing evidence for adrafinil shows it to be an incredibly powerful stimulant that increases alertness and wakefulness without causing hyperactivity (like amphetamine-based enhancers).

Quick Adrafinil Findings:

  • Reliably converted into modafinil for improved cognition (reference) (ref)
  • Reduces fatigue especially during sleep deprivation (ref)
  • Increases reaction time marginally (ref)

Adrafinil and Wakefulness

Adrafinil is primarily created as a proenhancer from modafinil, which means the human body takes the substance, converts it in the liver into modafinil, and then provides the same benefits (because it is the same compound) as the latter enhancer. The primary benefit of adrafinil is as a wakefulness and anti-fatigue agent. The adrafinil wakefulness studies show that the enhancer as produced for narcolepsy patients who could not function properly during the day.

While it has grown in popularity in the nootropic world because of the general cognitive improvements, it is the wakefulness that has the most scientific research and evidence. The adrafinil anti-fatigue benefits can help people who must wake up early or complete many tasks without much rest. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and students are all potential users for this wakefulness agent.

If you compare adrafinil vs. adderall, you will find that there is one major difference: no hyperactivity from amphetamines. Adderall is made with an amphetamine base, which causes more negative side effects. Adrafinil is free from this hyperactive stimulation so it is not as bad for the body.

Improved Cognition and Adrafinil

Although having the energy to work long and arduous hours is the main benefit of adrafinil, there are cognitive enhancement opportunities as well. Studies suggest that adrafinil working memory enhancement is useful for the purpose of getting high-priority and creative work accomplished. The adrafinil studies that prove working memory were done in 5 separate environments with the same results.

Because cognition and working memory are considered different things by scientists, there are 4 separate studies that also show benefits of adrafinil. While the studies primarily focus on people who are sleep deprived or have some other time of attention processing impairment, it is safe to assume anyone who has normal sleep and is healthy will see even more benefits than those who are sleep deprived.

If you are asking yourself “does adrafinil really work?” all you need to do is look through some of the 60 unique references to studies and research that back up all the information described in this article and the entire section. This evidence should prove valuable in your research for taking the adrafinil smart enhancer.

Happiness and Wellbeing

While there are not many studies on the topic, there is even some evidence to suggest a “very high” correlation with taking adrafinil and subjective well-being increases. Enjoyment in general and during cognitive tasks appears to be improved through the use of adrafinil usage. You may take adrafinil for happiness inadvertently after you see how much better it makes you feel!