By far the best cognitive enhancer of the past 5 years within nootropics communities has been modafinil. This cognitive enhancer was touted by figures like Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, and a host of others. For many, it was great news until they heard that it was a prescription cognitive enhancer and there was no way to buy it online! Luckily, there are alternatives, such as adrafinil that have many of the same functions and benefits as you will see.

Of the adrafinil benefits, the main one is definitely the fact that it is a proenhancer for modafinil. This means that when you take adrafinil, it gets converted by your liver into modafinil, which is used for all the cognitive enhancement that we mentioned from successful and popular people above. We will briefly describe how adrafinil benefits you and what you can do to get the best results.

Adrafinil Benefits – From Research to Practice

The research studies are pretty clear regarding the use of this cognitive enhancer and how it impacts the human brain and body. Modafinil was created as a way of treating narcolepsy patients who could not function properly at work because they were so sleep deprived. As the studies went on, the scientists discovered synthetically created compounds that could help people to stay awake and alert for longer so they could be more productive and get more done. This is really where the benefits started and it is how you might be able to benefit as well.

One of the main studies that has tested the efficacy of the cognitive enhancer was done on military personnel who were undergoing 64 hours of rigorous work without sleep (approximately 3 nights). By comparing the usage of this cognitive enhancer, amphetamines, and a placebo, they found some startling results. First of all, modafinil was as powerful as large doses of amphetamines, but without any of the negative side effects.

Aside from the anti-fatigue benefits that are clearly on display with adrafinil, there are memory enhancement opportunities as well. It is a curious side effect, but reaction time and working memory tests show that adrafinil is a great resource for improving general cognitive abilities.

Getting Started with Adrafinil

If you have now been convinced of the adrafinil benefits, that is great, but you should also be aware of some of the side effects. First of all, the cognitive enhancer is converted through the liver into modafinil, which means there is extra strain that you otherwise wouldn’t have to worry about. While it does not seem like evidence points against this process, it is something to consider nonetheless.

Finally, some people note a lack of appetite and a hard time sleeping if it is taken too late in the day. Keep these things in mind and you’re going to have a lot better results and you can protect yourself a lot better as well. Even though there are plenty of reasons to take this nootropic, there are also reasons to be cautious and careful when you are just starting out. It is effective, but also powerful to use.