Adrafinil is a powerful wakefulness agent and stimulant that can help improve feelings of wakefulness and prevent fatigue. With this great power comes inevitable adrafinil side effects that you must be aware of before taking the cognitive enhancer. We will briefly introduce you to some of the main concepts and then discuss both positive and negative side effects of using adrafinil.

Quick Adrafinil Side Effects:

  • Adrafinil promotes wakefulness and can negatively impact sleep (reference)
  • Adrafinil reduces appetite in some users (ref)
  • Can cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea according to anecdotal reports

Because adrafinil is such a powerful cognitive enhancer, it comes with many benefits and negative effects. This article will help explore them both through the use of research tools and anecdotal evidence. This will create a more filled picture about the adrafinil side effects.

Adrafinil Benefits and Positive Effects

The nootropics community often discusses the adrafinil benefits far more than any other aspect of the cognitive enhancer. If you are looking for a way to improve your cognitive abilities, this is a good place to start. For one, adrafinil is a wakefulness agent that helps to maintain feelings of alertness and focus without providing the negative hyperactivity that comes with adderall. The adrafinil stimulant effect is not similar to adderall or other amphetamine based products because it does not come with withdrawals and long term problems.

Other positive effects of adrafinil include improved working memory, which is a side effect of the main purpose. The cognitive enhancer was created in order to help narcolepsy patients ho could not function properly with a lack of sleep. Somehow the cognitive enhancer also allowed them to improve their memory and that is now one of the main advantages of adrafinil compared to other options.

Finally, one of the main positive effects of adrafinil is the lack of negative side effects that come with similar stimulants. As studies have shown, there is a comparison between this cognitive enhancer and adderall with consistent results showing less negative side effects with adrafinil than the amphetamine based products. While that does not mean adrafinil is free from side effects, it is free from many of the troublesome problems of amphetamines.

Are There Negative Side Effects of Adrafinil?

As you can imagine, there are some negative side effects of adrafinil, but none of them are too drastic or problematic. In general, according to the research oriented website,, “Despite these isolated adverse events, they usually do not differ significantly from placebo and thus modafinil is seen as well tolerated.” Considering this is a website highly reliant on their credibility as a non-biased source, that is a good thing to hear.

Nonetheless, it is clear there are some negative side effects of adrafinil. For one, you’ll find that adrafinil is a precursor for modafinil, which is the real active ingredient that improves feelings of wakefulness and alertness. That means your liver has to do a bit of extra work to convert it from adrafinil into modafinil (increasing liver enzyme levels — milk thistle is a good supplement to pair with adrafinil for this reason). This is not inherently bad, but it is something to keep in mind – your body has to work extra hard.

Other negative side effects can include problems with sleep quality if you are not careful with how you are taking the enhancer. Taking it too late in the afternoon can lead to these types of problems when you really don’t need to. Just take the adrafinil in the morning and you’ll avoid the reduced sleep quality.

Finally, there is a chance you might see dizziness, headaches, and nausea, but make sure you record it and discontinue using if it becomes overwhelming.

Appetite Reduction with Adrafinil

One of the final negative side effects (depending on how you look at it) regards appetite reduction. There are many people who use adrafinil in order to improve their feelings of concentration only to find they don’t eat and therefore have less energy to focus on their work. If it is not allowing you to get the nutrition that you need in order to survive (and thrive), then it is a good idea to discontinue use or just avoid using it at certain times of the week.

If you can figure out a way to force yourself to eat more healthy foods and get the calories that you need, this will not be a major problem. For some people it is actually a helpful tool to lose weight, but we neither advocate nor encourage people to use adrafinil for that purpose.